was imported in late 2013 along with Yezo, as the first HANA project Hokkaido in a joint effort with Brad Anderson, Lindsay Tompkins, and Angela An via Mr. Shigeru Kato. Genko is from Mr. Tokachi Morita who stewards the last exclusively hunting only Hokkaido kennel left and her parents  are proven bear dogs. She is Hokkaido Ken Hozonkai and NIPPO registered, with AKC pending, and is mother to the first Hokkaido litter born in North America.

Pedigree: http://www.hokkaido-pedigree.com/details.php?id=63639

My Dog DNA profile: https://www.mydogdna.com/crm/animal/en/870023219853867/pass

OFA: Patellas clear, Fair hips, Elbows clear

CEA: Carrier

Genoscoper tested

Genko is the "Mother of Dragons" after giving the US it's first Hokkaido litter. She is spayed and happily placed with her own family.