The Hokkaido Ken, or Ainu dog, is one of the 6 native Japanese spitz breeds. It is a very old breed that has been isolated historically to Hokkaido Island. The breed is not common within Japan, and about 20 are in North America. They are very similar to the Shiba Inu, with a few key differences. They are only slightly larger than Shibas, the males more so, and tend to be more stout. My females top out around 30-35lbs. They really do look like a sturdy version of a Shiba. They are notably affectionate and demonstrative towards people, wanting little more than to spend time with their humans. They are moderate to high energy, and do not do well in apartments or confined away from people. They require moderate socialization to other animals and new situations throughout their lives, not unlike Shibas. Health issues documented so far are seizures, CEA and blindness, hip dysplasia, and missing teeth. The primary breed preservation society in Japan is the Hokkaido Ken Hozonkai. The Hokkaido Association of North America www.hokkaidoken.com is the founding club here.

Hokusei Kashinoki is the first Hokkaido breeder in North America with a 2015 litter of 6 puppies from Genko (black and tan import Japan) and Yexo (brindle import Japan/Canada). The breed is newly AKC FSS admitted. Puppies will be NIPPO and AKC FSS registered. More information about the breed may be found at the HANA webpage at www.hokkaidoken.com, their blog www.hokkaidousa.wordpress.com, and on the Nihon Ken Forum.

Breeding plans will be determined by waitlist interest. Tentatively, we have a 2017 breeding anticipated for Umma (brindle girl) and Kuma, red boy, pending health clearances. Deposits are $500 after application approval. Substitutions may be made with an equivalent purchase of supplies from the breed clubs Amazon Wishlist: 


Inquiries about waitlists and applications may be directed to www.masakadoshiba@hotmail.com